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Keeping an Open Heart

Keeping an Open Heart

Salt Lake City you were a dream! Utah was the last stop after a Montana/Idaho/Wyoming adventure and I couldn’t have imagined a better place to end this trip. Earlier this year I had fallen in love with Portland, OR. So in love that I was pretty set on moving there sometime in the near future. So when my boyfriend suggested visiting Missoula, Montana I wasn’t particularly excited. But how could I possibly say no to exploring someplace new? We had been living in Miami and itching to venture out so I went. We visited Missoula, Bozeman, Yellowstone National Park and then lastly headed to Salt Lake City, Utah. In Missoula there was a charm I loved, the neighborhoods of tree lined streets and quaint downtown. Bozeman had a hometown feel, all the unique and locally owned shops made for a perfect day of window shopping. And then we drove up to our Airbnb in SLC and I knew that this was a place I could see myself in, the downtown was bustling and lively without being too crowded. The surrounding mountains were mesmerizing. I thought my heart could only belong to Portland and I hate to think of the experience I would’ve had if I allowed myself to greet these places with a closed heart. I feel that sometimes when our heart is involved we tend to close off once we feel our heart is attached to a certain idea, whether that be a place, a person, an experience. But our hearts are big enough to be open to everything at once. Your heart isn’t rationed and divided, leaving pieces scattered about. It can be full, open, ready to embrace life. Moving with an open heart shouldn’t be something restricted to your yoga practice. It should be at the forefront of your mind as you move through life. We can practice heart openers all day long but if we don’t bring our open heart into our lives what are we doing it for? Let your practice be more than a physical one, let it flow into your mind and spirit. When your heart is open so are your eyes, your ears and your soul.

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