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Life is changing. 13 months is the time I spent in Miami. I experienced every emotion over this past year. They ranged from never wanting to leave, counting down the days until we could move out, to being in such a state of confusion I wanted to just rewind and start all over. It was tough from the first day right up until the last. There were so many adjustments that had to be made. I had to learn how to make friends again and struggled to meet new people. My bike was my main mode of transportation and when I did drive my anxiety was at an all time high. The people there are different, no one says “Hi” or “Good morning” or even helps you when your struggling to carry your bike through the gate and up a set a stairs. But through this all I was learning more about who I was and what I want in life. I realized I didn’t want to hang out with people just so I wouldn’t be alone. I learned about work ethic and that I didn’t speak my mind nearly as much as I thought I did. Living 5 minutes from the beach doesn’t mean you’ll visit any more than if you lived 3 hours from the beach, you have to make time for it and it’s easy to let these things pass you by in this city. My biggest lesson: Live in the present. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say “Don’t ever wish away the time that your in, because one day you’ll want it back.” And I never really listened until now. We had our year in Miami… and I already cherish it because I realize who it has made me. A change has come.

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