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Tips for Beginning a Daily Yoga Practice

Tips for Beginning a Daily Yoga Practice

A daily yoga practice can be difficult to attain. It had long been a goal of mine but actually getting there was a challenge. I had dreams of rolling out my mat every morning and beginning my practice just as easily as I had been sitting at the table drinking my morning espresso. But it did not turn out to be this simple. Why was it so hard to find the motivation to do something that I knew I loved? This shouldn’t be a struggle at all. But we all know this feeling too well. We know something is good for us but getting up and actually putting in the work is difficult. We get into routines in life and it’s important every now and then to change them. So I began to change mine. At first I was failing frequently and had to get up and start again. But eventually I did get there, and you can too!

Find a Block of Time You Already Have But Don’t Use Well 

I don’t like to rush in the mornings, I enjoy taking my time. So I’ve always been used to getting up early to allow for that. But instead of taking my time reading, checking social media, or watching tv for 30 minutes, I decided this was the best time for me to dedicate to a daily yoga practice. It’s time I already have and could be using better. This can be in the morning, afternoon, or evening. We all have time in the day that we don’t manage very well, whether it be just 15 minutes or an hour it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you get on your mat and start moving.

Commit to a Sequence

Committing to practicing a particular sequence or a specific number of sun salutations keeps things organized! This takes out a lot of guess work and you’ll spend less time standing in mountain pose wondering what to do next. Once you’ve been practicing daily consistently you can begin to mix it up and flow freely in whichever way your body moves you. But until then plan ahead. If you practice every morning plan a sequence at night before you go to bed, and vice versa if you practice in the evening or afternoon, whatever time of day it may be.

Keep a Journal 

Having somewhere to track your progress can be a huge help with motivation. Track your days and how much time you spent with your practice and maybe even write a few notes on how it went; things you can improve on, any breakthroughs you’ve made, or even just how the practice felt. It can be great to look back at these over time and see how far your practice has come.

Designate a Space

This space can simply be a place where you leave out your yoga mat all the time, giving you less of an excuse to not get on your mat and start moving. But this space can also be used as inspiration. You can decorate, add plants and/or flowers, set up in front of a window to let in some sunlight. Having a beautiful space that inspires you can be the extra boost you need and also lead you to a more meaningful practice.

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