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How to Cultivate a Beautiful Life

How to Cultivate a Beautiful Life

The mind can be our most powerful tool in life. The thoughts we allow and the thoughts we don’t all have a profound effect on us. Through the awareness of this I have learned to be happy with darkness, with failure and with stress. Every experience I have has its place in my life. I enjoy the lessons I’m learning and the success I have worked hard to achieve.

I used to always want to be anywhere but where I was. If I was at home I wanted to be out with friends, if I was out with friends I wanted to be home. I wanted to live in a different city, a different apartment, have a different life, different friends, all the way down to the clothes I was wearing, anything but what I had. It wasn’t even as if I lived in a bad area or had a bad group of friends, I didn’t. Everything was great, but I always wanted more. I became an expert at avoiding the present moment afraid that maybe I would enjoy it, or maybe I would hate it. Either way didn’t really matter I just didn’t want to be “there.”

I took a trip about a two years ago, I spent my time walking along sandy beaches, enjoying the sun and being thankful to have a relief from the cold snowy weather of where I had come from. It was on this trip that for the first time in what had felt like my whole life I didn’t want to be anywhere else. I was enjoying being right where I was. The feeling was unfamiliar and uncomfortable but I felt elated. Like I had taken this incredible drug. Was this what the present felt like? Why haven’t I been here all along? It was after this trip that I had decided to move to this place with the sandy beaches and sunshine. It took time but I got there, and a lot had happened in between. I continued to feel the love for the ocean but there was still something missing. Just because I lived by the beach didn’t mean I suddenly loved my job or had made a whole new group of friends, the ones that I had always dreamed of. Friends that I could stay up late with talking about the meaning of life. Wasn’t even close. This was when I began to realize what happiness meant, what a beautiful life meant and how I could use my mind to achieve these.

Practicing yoga taught me a particular kind of focus I had never been able to attain before. In each practice, whether it was a physical practice or meditation the focus was on bringing an awareness to your breath. It taught me to ignore any chatter in the mind, to simply let it pass as I focused on each inhale and each exhale. Overtime learning to point the mind, the mind became more and more powerful. The more clear the mind is the more you can point it towards a single goal or aspiration. Visualize beauty, visualize success and you will get there. Every negative thought you have will produce more negativity in your life. You shouldn’t wait for your “ideal” life to happen. Visualize it, take action and it will come to fruition. The more beauty I imagine in my life the more that seems to appear. Who knew that life was this simple? Believe that you can create your own life because you can. This doesn’t mean bad things won’t happen, it’s not quite about that. It is about creating the things that you do want in your life instead of waiting for someone else to create it for you. You are the sole conductor of your life, you have the power to orchestrate it and to live the way you were meant to live. It takes a lot less to make you happy than you think. For me it was simply following my dream. Teaching yoga, becoming a healer, being an artist and loving it. I wasn’t able to support myself completely at first but that didn’t matter. The more I positively visualized my life the more I began to see it as a beautiful one, with me being the artist painting every stroke. Don’t wait for your life to start, start it NOW. Be the creator, the conductor, the artist.


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