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Life, Balance and Living in the Present

Life, Balance and Living in the Present

Life is about finding balance. Finding balance in rest and in movement, in preparing for the future while enjoying the present, and in being thankful while striving for more. The struggle will always be there and it is something I continue to find myself in the middle of. I’ve spent so much of the last few weeks thinking about my future, planning for the year(s) ahead and this is when I have to remind myself; “The present is special enough, important enough and valuable enough to be given priority.” It is a struggle when there are deadlines that have to be met, appointments that have to be kept and goals that need to have the work put in. There is no perfect remedy. Some weeks it’s an hour, some weeks it’s a day, and sometimes when I am lucky it is even longer. What is most important though is that I allow myself however much time it is and to not feel so damn guilty about it! Not every problem can be solved in a week and it’s okay if today you need an extra hour of sleep or you want to step away and take a walk for a bit. IT IS OKAY. Every morning I wake up and take note of what kind of thoughts are in my mind. Is it the future, past or present? I used to live too much of my life in the past. I would obsess over people, places and decisions I had come to regret, it was constant. Once I realized how much living in the past was hurting me I went straight to living in the future. I started to plan every little thing, setting an absurd amount of goals (big and small) and suddenly my life was passing me by. I am finding a balance now. It started first with simply being aware, aware of where my mind is at and what thoughts will no longer serve me. The power of letting go is tremendous, once you get the hang of it you can really enjoy the ride through life no longer obsessing over what was or could have been. Let it go. Life is an endless ride making stops along the way. Some stops will bring us great pleasure, others will cause great pain, but life is a continuous flow. A flow filled with energy and change. I feel as if I simply continue to go higher and there is no true limit to how high I may reach. Some days are better than others. Some days I sink back into the past and some days I think too much about what lies ahead. But there is a sweet spot, it’s called the present. The place where you feel everything all at once, your senses are alive and your heart is open. Sometimes we have to be imbalanced to appreciate balance, to understand what a great gift it is. Understand that you will go back and forth, you will not be perfect. But you are growing and moving closer to the sweetest space in life. We flow back and forth, we keep dancing. The goal is to be steady, to move fluidly and easily and if you sink to far in the wrong direction just make sure you don’t let yourself drown. Allow yourself to move and to stay, to be thankful and to be driven, to be kind and to be strong. Allow balance to flow within.

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