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Finding Connection in All Places

Finding Connection in All Places

When I sit by the sand, when I hear the waves of the ocean, when I smell the salt in the air, I know that I am where I am supposed to be. The beauty, freedom and power the ocean holds is all that I wish to find within myself. I am endlessly thankful I have found my place. We all have our place, the place that we run to, the place that makes us feel more alive. Go to that place, and go there often.

Time and time again we get lost in the shuffle of life, worrying about fitting everything into that 24 hours that never seems to be enough. It’s okay to take the time to breathe, it’s okay to take the time to let the small moments to soak in, allow yourself that. We rush too often and think too much. “Slow down”, is a much needed reminder, though it does not always come easy or naturally. Slow down. Take off your shoes and let your toes grip the earth. Feel the full expansion of the body on a deep inhale. Look around, look up and see beauty. See yourself in every person you meet and see themselves within you. It is easy to feel disconnected, to feel out of place. Connection is a practice, it requires discipline, commitment and compassion.

Without connection we cannot be grounded, we cannot root ourselves within the earth and its energy. Connection is energy, shared energy. It is the awareness of the common thread between us all. The key to our own peace is the realization that we are the same. I am you and you are me. At times the connection is strong and undeniable, like the friend you met once and instantly felt like you had known each other for years. Other times we may struggle to find it while letting judgements and emotions get in the way because it may not be the most beautiful place or the most warm and welcoming person. Work through those obstacles, put in the effort, it is okay to struggle. Make it a practice to find that connection no matter how small it may be. We all see the same, breathe the same, hurt the same, heal the same, the list goes on and on.

For me, the ocean is the my reminder. I feel it the minute I step on the sand. That space where the sky meets the ocean, I will never understand it but will always love the sight. It is my sacred space. The ocean is so wide and unending it reminds me, “I am one.” Find connection in all places and all people and say to yourself, “I am one with all that there is.”

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  • Delisa
    Posted at 16:48h, 26 August Reply

    Awesome read, great job!!!

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