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The Journey to Miami

The Journey to Miami

I’ve been living in Miami Beach for three months now. So many changes have taken place, throwing my life in every direction. I moved here from Ohio. The only other place I spent time in was New York where I lived for a short period. But I decided Miami was the place two years ago. I didn’t move here because of a job offer or because of friends or family here. I had none of that. I don’t even think the weather was as big a factor as most would think. I came here on vacation two years ago. On this trip I began taking yoga classes at a studio in Miami Beach, which turned into me traveling to Miami Beach from Fort Lauderdale in the middle of rush hour everyday for a week just to come to class. It sparked a committed daily practice which continued once I got home. That trip was the beginning of so many life changes for me. It was what made me decide I wanted to become a yoga teacher, which eventually led me to travel to Bali, Indonesia. It also ignited a transformation within myself. Prior to my trip I was completely and fully living in my past, in past regrets, past experiences. I obsessed over these past experiences trying to make sense of it all. But then I came to the beach and for the first time in two years I didn’t think about the past, I was fully present. And because of that, I moved to the beach.

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